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This is the entry for my first One Game A Month challenge, from February 2016, the theme was home, so I made a retro 3D/PixelArt FPS where you must defend your home from the rat plague that has taken it over. To do it use whatever you can find inside the house.

The controls are WASD to move and the mouse buttons to perform any other action.
There are some hotkeys.
Esc: restart the game.
H: show the current available actions.
L: enable/disable the log.

Sorry for the lack of sound. I'll try to add some sound effects and maybe even music it in the future.

Linux version may have issues (only tested succesfully on GNU/Linux Debian 9) so please comment if it's not working for you. Thanks!


Install instructions

Extract and execute.

In the Linux version you must assign execute permissions to the executable file.


TheKingOfTheRats_Win.zip 14 MB
TheKingOfTheRats_Lin.zip 26 MB
TheKingOfTheRats_OSX.zip 26 MB

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